Shakura – 10 Tips To Fix Skin Pigmentation

Your skin is extremely important. It’s the first thing people notice when they look at you. Dark discoloration, freckles, and age spots are common blemishes you are likely to experience. Uneven pigmentation happens when you have a bad diet, spend too much time in the sun, or avoid using proper protection. A perfect skin care regimen will help you regain your flawless beauty (see Shakura).
While doctors at Shakura recommend laser treatments for skim pigmentation, you will find these tips are easier than an expensive appointment. These treatments are easy for you to complete at home.

1. Stop bleaching your skin. Skin bleaching is the most common reason behind pigmentation issues.

2. Exfoliate your skin. You can use a facial scrub to remove dead tissues from the effected area.


Green Tea Sugar Scrub

3. Please use sunscreen when you go outside. Your skin will increase melanin production when it interacts with UV light. Melanin is what causes skin discoloration. Inhibiting the pigmentation’s production will stop discoloration at its source.


4. Make sure you moisturize! You should use heavy moisturizer if you have dry skin.

5. Aloe Vera has many healing properties. Use this on effected areas. You will notice a difference.

6. Vitamin E is proven to fade marks and improve elasticity in your skin. You can use oils and creams enriched with Vitamin E, or you can take supplements. In addition, many fruits and vegetables are rich in Vitamin E. This includes pumpkin seeds, tofu, avocado, nuts, fish, and broccoli!

7. Lemon juice is proven to lighten hyper-pigmentation. Use organic lemon juice if you feel uncomfortable with lots of scary chemicals.


8. Use cocoa butter regularly. While Aloe Vera is a wonderful moisturizer, everyone’s skin reacts differently. You may find that cocoa butter works better to relieve your skin of freckles and pigmentation.

9. You should drink a lot of water. Sometimes skin will dry out because you are de-hydrated. Avoid drinking soda, tea, and coffee. You should always have a bottle of water nearby. Drink as much water as you can.

10. “You are what you eat.” Are you eating a healthy diet? Try to eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible. You will notice a big difference in your health.

If you want to make a good first impression, you need to look your best. Don’t let uneven skin destroy your confidence. You deserve to look and feel beautiful. Use these tips to help with your discoloration.


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New York Skin Solutions – 5 Simple and Natural Skin Care Tips To Improve Your Appearance


There are innumerable sources of pollution in our natural environment. Many years of pollution from a variety of sources has forced people to adjust the the world around them to the point that most people do not consider these things because they are so used to them. In the United States pollutants may be found in the soil, air, and water. In Hong Kong the situation is so bad that the citizens must walk through the smog with medical grade masks on to protect their health. The point is that though we, as humans, can adapt to almost anything we do not have to accept the environmental situation.
Harsh pollutants from many sources reek havoc on our delicate skin, especially as women. There are some simple ways to protect your skin and have a youthful glow.

First, if you smoke, stop. I won’t give you the standard lecture on why smoking is bad because you already know it.




Second, do not skip the sunscreen. Find a natural sunscreen with a decent SPF and incorporate it into your daily routine. Nobody wants sunspots coating their lovely skin!



Third, drink that water sister. It naturally will remove toxins from the inside of your body and excrete them as waste, better out than in!


Fourth, moisturize head to toe. That dewy skin that celebrities flaunt has been pampered with all sorts of lotions and creams to achieve that look. Check your labels and try to find a natural or organic option that doesn’t contain questionable chemicals or test on cute little animals.



Finally, the fifth way to purify your body and improve your skin is to watch your diet. The body is a temple and when you shove chemical laden foods and drinks into it there are bound to be repercussions. A wonderful rule of thumb is if you cannot pronounce it then you probably shouldn’t eat it. I am not saying do not try wonderful foreign dishes, just skip the over-processed chemical foods and beverages.


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Try out these five simple and inexpensive skin care tips to see your body transform from the inside out. They are not a recipe for miraculous change but rather a long-term change that will provide years of beautiful benefits. For more, visit New York Skin Solutions.

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4 Ways to Become the Most Beautiful You 


Uniqueness and individuality are things that are not often considered when beauty tips are suggested. Most advice about beauty tries to lead everyone in the same direction. Such a narrow view about what is aesthetically pleasing leads many of us to feel disconnected and isolated. So instead of mapping out a beauty routine and listing products, I am going to explain the 4 ways I became the most beautiful me I have ever been.


#1: Know what you want.

Everyone worries about how they look to other people. First social impressions, work related interactions and even simple daily interactions can be determined by the way a person looks. All of this outside opinion can often be mistaken as an indication of what our self worth should be. I found out recently that I truly do look my best to other people when I feel good about myself.

The complicated part, surprisingly, is actually finding out what you want. Without letting anyone else influence your decision, consider the way that you look and ask yourself if there is anything you would like to change. Would you like to gain weight? Lose weight? Wear more make up? Wear less make up? Cut your hair? Replace your wardrobe? Our appearance shouldn’t be about appealing to others, it should be about expressing ourselves and feeling good about how we look. Regardless of the choices you make, your authentic self acceptance will undoubtedly attract and impress.


#2: Highlight what you like.

Whether it’s your fashion sense, your makeup art, your beautiful hair, or any number of physical features, I’m sure there are a few things that you like about yourself. Begin by accentuating all of the fantastic things that excite you about being you. Start to experiment with make up and clothes and hair and jewelry. This will give you options and will allow you to further explore your individual definition of beauty.




#3: Lose what you don’t like.

Sometimes in the painful process of honest self evaluation, we find things about ourselves that we don’t like. When I first began to inspect my definition of personal beauty, I came to the realization that I was choosing the things that were making me feel that way.


Flat Tummy Work Out


Changing things can be difficult and frightening. Things like body issues and physical insecurities become magnified when we examine ourselves. So before making any changes to your body, it is important to consult a medical professional. Not only will a physician be able to give you advice about maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle, but they will be able to give you details on any cosmetic procedures you may be considering such as liposuction, breast augmentation, or V-shape facetherapy treatment.


#4: Take care of yourself.

Along with living a healthy lifestyle, it is important that you also take care of your mental health. Sometimes, the soul-search for what beauty means to you can be painful and upsetting. It is important that you remember to remain positive. While it is impossible to remove all negative influences from your life, the ones that can be removed should be. It can be painful, but the road to achieving your idea of beauty should not involve discouragement or judgement.

It is important to remember that your version of beauty does not have to match OR oppose what society sees as beautiful. Allow yourself to be who you truly are and let your physicality be an expression of that. Make sure that any decisions made are made for your benefit and not someone else’s. Be beautiful to you.


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Running Advice for People With Flat Foot


What are Flat Feet?

Just because someone has problems with their feet does not mean they are unable to exercise on a regular basis. The condition of flat feet is common, but there are things that athletes can do to avoid pain in their joints, muscles and tendons after exercising. Anyone wanting to run on a regular basis needs to take excellent care of their feet to avoid injuries. Problems with the feet due to exercise can also affect the ankles, knees and hips. Fallen arches or flat feet occur in up to 30 per cent of the population worldwide. This is a physical deformity of the feet that occurs in one or both feet.

How Flat Feet Cause Runners Problems

The condition of flat feet causes the soles of the feet to rest totally on the ground, disturbing the natural biomechanics of the feet. Without an arch in one or both feet, the bones of the legs receive a stronger force while someone is walking.

lateral-archRunning with a flat foot causes more force on joints and long bones than walking does, leading to frequent injuries unless an athlete takes precautions. The best time to begin taking care of flat feet is in childhood, but the condition still persists, requiring teenagers and adults who run to take proper care of their feet.



Wear Proper Footwear

Orthopaedic specialists devise exercise plans for children to help them increase the arches in their feet, and runners can also perform exercises to strengthen muscles, ligament and tendons. An adult can develop flat feet as they age due to gaining weight, chronic illness or trauma. Whatever the reason for having flat feet, the effect of running places an enormous amount of force on bones and joints of the legs and feet that are not cushioned by a natural arch. Most runners know that taking proper care of their feet is essential to avoid permanent damage that leads to needing supportive braces or surgery. Serious runners make sure to buy the best athletic shoes and socks to protect their feet.


Prevent Foot and Leg Injuries

The goal of flat foot exercises is to increase the flexibility and strength of the ligaments and tendons to prevent pain and injuries. Some of the injuries that can occur to runners include:

Hamstring strains 

Shin splints 

Heel pain 

Plantar fasciitis 


Achilles injuries 

Quadriceps strains 




Strengthen Feet and Legs

Because an injury to the foot, ankle or leg can make exercise such as running impossible for weeks or months until the condition heals, runners need to protect their feet with a variety of methods. A runner can perform an assortment offlat foot exercises, including:

One: Toe Curls


Without wearing shoes, stand with your feet flat on the floor and curl the toes on each foot without moving or lifting the feet. Do this exercise three times a week for 20 repetitions to strengthen muscles in each foot.


Two: Foot Lift

images (5)

Sit on the floor before placing your hands behind you to maintain a sitting position during this exercise. Lift one foot at a time while keeping its heel on the floor. As the foot is in the air, curl the toes tightly to strengthen and flex the muscles in the back of the leg. Complete this exercise three times a week for 10 repetitions.


Three: Crisscross


Stand for this exercise before lifting your right foot to place on top of the left foot to stretch the muscles on the inside and outside of the leg. Alternate this exercise with your left foot on top of the right foot three times a week for five repetitions to improve flat feet.



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Tips by Yun Nam Haircare : What You Can Do Today To Keep Your Hair Healthy

healthy hair

People notice when you have healthy hair that moves naturally and has a rich appearance. Maintaining healthy hair is not always easy. You could be making any number of mistakes that harm the way your hair looks. You can do something about this. You can take several steps today to keep your hair healthy, as advised by Yun Nam Haircare:


Always Use Conditioner

The first thing to do is always use an appropriate conditioner when washing your hair. Choose a conditioner that matches the type of hair you have. Apply it after shampooing and give it a minute to work properly. Conditioners help to protect your hair during the day and provide essential nutrients.


Blow-hair with low heat setting

Avoid directly heat to your hair because it can damage the basic structure of your hair.


Keep Hair Dryer Settings Low

Keep your hair dryer set to low or turn the heat off completely. Hot air from a hair dryer can damage the basic structure of your hair especially when it is wet. This will lead to dry and brittle hair that could break, fall out or develop split ends. The solution is to avoid the highest settings at all times.


Super Soft Hair Brush

Use soft bristled brushes instead of rigid plastic teeth to avoid damaging your hair for maximum protection.


Use Soft Bristled Brushes

Use a brush that has soft bristles on your hair. Stay away from brushes with rigid plastic teeth. These types of brushes can actually damage your hair or cause split ends to appear. Your best option is to get a soft natural-hair brush for maximum protection.



Condition the tips of your hair gently will make the hair difficult for split ends to form.


Condition the Tips of Your Hair

You want to specially condition the tips of your hair after a bath or shower. This means applying dabs of conditioner directly to the bottom inch of your hair. Gently rub it in and let it sit before washing it out. Conditioning this part of your hair will make it more difficult for split ends to form.


Protein, Iron and Vitamins

Consume more protein, iron and vitamins is essential for healthy hair.


Eat More Protein, Iron and Vitamins

What you eat actually affects the health of your hair. Be certain you are getting enough iron since this is essential for healthy hair. The same is true of protein. Try to eat lean proteins like salmon a few times a week to get the maximum benefit. You might also want to take multivitamin supplements that contain extra vitamin D and iron.


Use Harsh Styling Products Sparingly

A final step is to use harsh styling products sparingly. These are products like straighteners, hair dyes and heat-based at-home treatments. All of these products can slowly damage all your hair over time leaving it with a flat and dead appearance. Avoid them whenever possible for healthy hair.



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The Possibility of Nose Fillers Gone Wrong


Everyone runs the race to look and feel beautiful at some time or other. There’s little wonder. The face is often the first thing that people see when looking at others. People are overwhelmed with information and opinions on what a beautiful or handsome face can accomplish in life. They read endless articles and discussions about how a beautiful face can enhance career possibilities, improve one’s social life, and even improve the chances of finding the right mate. Some reports may be true while others are manufactured to sell an article headline.



When Fillers Go Bad

A filler injection can go wrong if administered by the wrong person or if a person is prone to adverse body effects. In the U.S., six types of cosmetic fillers are approved, and these are by prescription.


Britain seems to be a little more forgiving, as 100 types of fillers are available for use and can be injected by anyone without a prescription. As a result, health issues such as blindness, herpes, facial collapse and blue-tinged flesh have occurred. One could easily say it’s not a pretty thing.


Proceed with Caution

Dermatologists or plastic surgeons are the best sources to let you know if you’re a candidate for a nose filler. If approved, the filler can soften the appearance of minor dents, bumps and humps. The procedure will take around 30 minutes, depending on the amount of filling that’s needed. There may be a little discomfort, swelling or redness. Your doctor is the best source for walking you through the procedure and what to expect. Surgeons train in the knowledge and application of nose fillers.

Nose fillers from a certified surgeon are both the safe and practical route. The truth is that your health and well-being are at risk when allowing a non-certified practitioner to perform the procedure. Looking beautiful is a favorite pastime for millions of people. As a result, people are more than willing to improve their looks by any means possible. Even so, what could be more important than your health?



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5 Key Nutrient Groups For Fabulous Hair and Nails


If you’re seeking a way to grow thicker, healthier hair, there are a few key nutrients you’ll want to seek out for you daily diet. Two amino acids essential for the production and maintenance of hair, nails, and skin are often included in targeted vitamin supplements for hair and skin. While such an additional supplement may enhance your success, including foods that contain these amino acids is also important.



Amino Acid Supplements

Hair is an extension of our skin, as are finger and toenails. To improve the health of one, you should seek supplements that contain vitamins and proteins essential for maintaining all of them. Methionine, a crucial amino acid for the formation of strong hair and nails, is responsible for the formation of cartilage and connective tissues in the body as well as the transformation of homocysteine from meat. It is often featured in combination with Biotin—or vitamin H—and B Complexes in supplements intended to improve skin, hair, and nails.


B Complex for Health

B vitamins, in large part, are essential for maintaining clear skin, strong nails, and full, healthy hair. B Complex supplements, which have B3, B6, and B12, may help in addition to seeking out food sources rich in these nutrients. They act in conjunction with certain amino acids to produce linking chains of sulphur, which are essential in the formation of keratin, from which our hair and nails build themselves.


Antioxidant Vitamins

Vitamin supplements for hair and skin will often contain vitamin C, which is responsible for reducing inflammation, flushing away dead or damaged cells, and promoting cell wall integrity. Oil soluble vitamins—E, D, A, and K—should be taken in strict moderation. Unlike the water-soluble antioxidants, these are oil soluble; any excess is stored in fat and you can actually overdose yourself. Adhere strictly to recommended levels of intake. Topical solutions of vitamin E variants or tocopherols have been shown to produce a marked improvement in hair, skin, and nail health. These naturally occurring nutrients are found in abundant supply in olive oil and avocado, which means you can put them on your hair for a natural spa treatment and eat them, too.






This mineral, while essential to promoting immune system health, is also a vital contributor to healthy skin, hair, and nails. You should seek out vitamin supplements containing advised levels of zinc, or include foods in your diet, which are rich sources. These range from red meat to poultry and seafood, some cereals, eggs, and dairy products, so it shouldn’t be too difficult, unless you’ve chosen a strict vegan lifestyle.


One note of caution should be observed. Excess consumption of zinc can lessen the vital impacts of copper, iron, and calcium in the body. A telltale sign that you’ve taken too much is stomach discomfort and digestive upset.


Fatty Acids

Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids are increasingly noted to play roles in the formation of healthy skin, nails, and hair. Research indicates that they also reduce inflammation and promote strong cell walls, improve cardiovascular and neurological functions, and regulate the insulin-blood glucose balance, making these healthy fats an important part of your diet.

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Omega 3 is most commonly found in fish or seafood, such as salmon, tuna, krill, and shellfish. Omega 6 is a plant-based essential fatty acid and can be obtained in rich amounts from flax seeds and other botanicals. Supplements for both of these oils are widely available, if you cannot obtain them from your diet, but you should be cautious and adhere to recommended levels to avoid complications associated with excessive consumption.

While thin hair or poor skin can be a factor in negative self-image, it can also be a sign of nutrient deficiency or serious illness. In reference to the former, most of the nutrients mentioned above can help to balance such deficiencies, and are commonly available as a vitamin supplement. However, be conscious of what your body is telling you as you improve your overall health with good, whole foods and dietary supplements. If your hair, skin, and nails continue to form with less than robust results after several months, consult a physician to look for signs of digestive disorders, diabetes, and even heart disease.


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Psycho-Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight: The Easy Tips Trainers and Nutritionists Don’t Tell You


Anyone who has struggled with their weight can tell you just how difficult it is to get those pounds off. Sure, you must exercise and eat healthy but there’s so much more than that which goes into losing weight. Check out some weight loss tips below that you’ve probably never even thought of:




1. Leave Yourself Motivational Notes

Too many times people who want to lose weight just forget about what they’re supposed to be doing. Whether that is going to the gym after work or hitting up your local weight loss program in Singapore, these are important steps in dropping the unwanted pounds. With these sticky notes, though, they’ll be reminders to do what needs to be done. Also, they’ll serve as the motivation you need to keep going.


You can write inspirational quotes on them and place them in areas that you may be tempted to give up on your weight loss journey like in the kitchen.




2. Buy Flattering Workout Clothes

To stay confident and motivated in this weight loss journey, you need to both look and feel good. In fact, if you have gym clothes that really flatter your body, you are much more likely to keep your regular workout routine. That’s because these clothes are making you feel good about your image.

Also, if you have the money, you should get a full makeover while you’re at it. That’s because building up your confidence now will really help you stay on track here.


3. Put Together a Separate Snack Station

While in an ideal world we would have our kitchens completely stocked up with only healthy foods, that’s certainly not the case in most households. That’s because unless you’re living alone, it’s hard to stop those around you from eating these temptation foods.

7dae79d73149b7e5dd8ca0707d164e79To combat this problem, you should keep a whole separate section in both your fridge and cabinets that is just for you. You should also spend roughly an hour or so every week preparing fruits, vegetables and other healthy snacks. This will make it easier to grab these foods and take them with you on-the-go.


4. Reward Yourself

Losing weight is a big deal which is why you should treat yourself right every time you hit a big milestone. For instance, maybe purchase a new handbag every time you lose 5 pounds. Then, for every 10 pounds lost, you can hit up your local spa for a day of pampering.


These are all fun ways to truly reward yourself for a job well done as well as keep yourself motivated to continue working out.


5.Come Up with a “Workout Only” Playlist

Music is often seen as a motivating force and that is especially true when it comes to working out. Running or any other kind of exercise is a time to escape the realities of life and just focus on the task ahead. That’s why to keep yourself from giving up on your weight loss journey, put together a playlist that is only for your workouts.


These need to be songs that pump you up and leave you feeling energized. With these playlists, you will look forward to exercising more knowing that you have new songs coming your way. 


6. Keep Your Swimsuit Out Year Round

Grab your bikini or swimsuit and place it in a spot where you can see it every day. This includes the winter months when you’re covered up in turtleneck sweaters and jeans.

4d94f0f65e5f780565b8a9ebc085b7cdThat’s because those months tend to be when we let ourselves go a bit more than usual. With the swimsuit out in plain sight, you’ll work hard to fit into it so that you’re ready for those days under the sun.


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These 5 Things Help You Choose Smarter Skincare Products for Your Needs


Boasting a stellar complexion is likely a goal you set for yourself every morning. Whether you have always taken great pride in your appearance, or you want to start putting more effort into the way you look, starting with your skin, the foundation of your face, helps you to build a solid base.




The Right Products

No matter what your skin is currently like, you need to have the right products to help it improve. You can discover many facets of your skin at home, but you may also want to consult with a professional so that you know which Naruko skin care items are right for you.

For example, if you suffer from any particular skin conditions, or severe acne, for example, you likely want to speak with your dermatologist to find out if you have any certain sensitivities that could render some products unusable for your face.


Skin Sensitivities


Before you purchase any products, you need to make sure they are not going to worsen your delicate face. It is not that the ingredients in the products are harmful themselves. Instead, you may have certain conditions that prevent you from using certain products. You may have eczema, for example, which could mean that certain products might irritate your face further. Also, many people have allergies to different types of ingredients. Having an allergy test performed means that you will find out what ingredients could cause an adverse reaction on your face. Before you buy any item, make sure to find out exactly what ingredients it contains.


Your Skin Type

Setting out to purchase facial skin care products without knowing your skin type is practically setting yourself up for failure.


You might have oily skin, dry skin or combination skin. If your skin is constantly flaking, then you likely have dry skin. If you are constantly battling pimples, then you likely have oily skin. Speaking with your dermatologist can confirm what category you fall into it. Make sure you are selecting products that are intended for your skin type, or you could end up making the situation on your face worse.


Your Goals

Once you have sorted through any physical limitations that might prevent you from using specific products, you want to determine exactly what your goals are with these skin care products you wish to buy. For example, if you are looking to cover up redness on your face, then you are going to need a different product from someone who is hoping to emulate a more youthful appearance.

3b6e75a0195c8515a43ce2811b05b92dYou may also be concerned about the impact of the sun of your face and are, therefore, searching for products that have SPF in them only. Having a strong sense of what you want helps to narrow down the options.

Full Product Lines

When you are beginning a new facial skin care regiment, you want to make sure you are doing everything right so that you can obtain the best possible results. If a product is recommended with another product, or with an entire line of products, seriously consider purchasing the set. You may also wish to obtain samples of the products so that you can see if the set is the right fit for you. Often, items in a set go together, and they complement each other when it comes to helping you look beautiful.

Paying attention to the needs of your skin is important, no matter what your end goals are. Whether you already have gorgeous skin or you want to have the face of which you have always dreamed, you can find the right products for you.

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What You Should Know About the Causes and Treatments for Pigmentation on Face


What You Should Know About the Causes and Treatments for Pigmentation on Face


Pigmentation on face, also called melasma, is a skin condition that causes dark patches to appear on your face. This usually occurs in highly visible areas like the forehead, cheeks and nose. The discolouration is sometimes very pronounced. You should know the causes of this condition and the treatments that are available today.


Common Causes of Pigmentation on Face

Melasma occurs when special cells called melanocytes start to produce too much pigment. Melanocytes are the cells that maintain the normal colour of your skin. It is not fully known why the cells start to behave in this way. It is possible that excessive exposure to the sun over long periods of time can trigger mutations in the cells. Hormonal changes from pregnancy or hormone replacement therapy can trigger the condition. Harsh makeup has also been known to cause melasma. Fortunately, the condition can be treated.



One of the most common and effective treatments is a chemical peel. A peel is a cosmetic treatment that uses a special solution on your face and neck. The solution actually removes the topmost layers of your skin. This reveals new and younger skin underneath. It also triggers the production of new skin and collagen cells. A peel can actually lift away the discoloration on your skin completely. There are also times when it will just cause the pigmentation to fade. Multiple peels are sometimes needed if the pigmentation on face is very dark.




Another possible treatment for melasma is microdermabrasion. This is a form of professional exfoliation. A professional will direct a stream of small crystals or beads at your skin. These particles will start to knock away old and dead skin cells. This can help with melasma because it strips away the layers of skin where the darker pigment is located. Microdermabrasion usually provides subtle results. This means you might need to go through several treatments to see a significant lightening of the discoloured areas.


Topical Creams

There are over-the-counter and prescription topical creams available that can sometimes help to restore your normal skin pigmentation. One of the most common uses a chemical called hydroquinone. This cream works by inhibiting the ability of your melanocytes to produce pigment. The result will be a lightening of the discoloured areas over time. A second cream contains powerful corticosteroids. This type of cream changes how your skin cells work but can also weaken your immune system.


Laser Treatments

Laser treatments can sometimes help to remove pigmentation on face. Very precise bursts of laser light are used to remove your upper skin cells. The lasers are so accurate that they allow professionals to remove just one layer of skin at a time. The laser can actually vaporise the discoloured skin cells. You can see a dramatic difference after just one or two treatments. An issue with laser treatments is that they sometimes cause side effects like redness and swelling that will last for some time and affect the appearance of your face. Some treatments can even cause a different type of discolouration in rare cases.


Laser Treatment



A final option for people who have only very slight pigmentation problems is to use makeup. A combination of primer, normal makeup, foundation and a setting powder can often effectively camouflage the discolouration for a whole day. This works well only with light discolouration since darker patches will end up showing through the makeup.

The many treatments for pigmentation on face mean you do not have to just live with discoloured patched of skin. You can fight back and regain the clear and consistent complexion that you want. There are currently treatments available for every type of skin and every level of discolouration.

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